Every other week, our cyborg co-hosts pick up the microphone to explore a new facet of human augmentation or emerging technology.

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Episode 052 - Adventures in Weight Loss
As we age and our metabolism changes many people, including two cyborgs struggle with weight loss. There are some interesting new methods that we can take advantage of. Brian and Tim talk about their experiences and results with them.

Episode 051 - Long Range Implantable RFID
Typical implantable RFID tags have a very short range making it necessary to almost touch the sensor to read the tag. Two Cyborgs talk about long range RFID tags and how they can be used for access and automation without being near the sensor.

Episode 050 - Cerebrolysin - Final Results
After a four week course of Cerebrolysin, two cyborgs are ready to share their results. Listen in to learn what Brian and Tim have determined about this promising neruotrophic compound.

Episode 049 - Cerebrolysin - First Impressions
Two cyborgs share their first thoughts after beginning a 4-week course of Cerebrolysin-- an cocktail of neural peptides that has been very successful in the treatment of certain types of dementia and Alzheimers. This augmentation is an exciting step because there is some evidence that Cerebrolysin also can improve cognitive function in healthy adults.

Episode 048 - Cyborg Religion
Will we soon see a cyborg religion? Two cyborgs consider ritualizing implant procedure, diefying technology, and worshiping artificial intelligence.

Episode 047 - First Recap
Its been a long strange trip. Listen in as two cyborgs recap some of thier favorite topics from past episodes.

Episode 046 - Nectome
Two cyborgs discuss Nectome --a startup that advertises to fully preserve your brain including the full connectome at the nanometer scale. As one would expect, there are pros and cons to the procedure. On one hand, this could be a big step toward mind uploading whlie on the other there is the fact that the procedure is 100% fatal.

Episode 045 - Ambidexterity
Some studies hint that ambidexterity may improve cognitive function. While this may not be a true augmentation, it is something that if developed, may have multi-faceted benefits. Listen in as two cyborgs share their experiences. 

Episode 044 - Eyeglasses & Coffee
Human augmentation is not new. Listen in as two cyborgs chat about a couple of the first biohacks that have become so common that we no longer think of them as hacking at all.

Episode 043 - Cerebrolysin
Two cyborgs talk about Cerebrolysin - an interesting nootropic backed by credible scientific research. Is this upgrade worth the stress of repeated IM injections? Lets consider.

What is the answer to the Ultimate question of Life, The Universe, and Everything? Two cyborgs have the answer.

Episode 041 - Cyborg Parenting
How does a cyborg raise children? As a new dad, Tim's approach is a little different. Listen in as two cyborgs talk about ways to potentially accelerate early development.

Episode 040 - Brian's Musings
While Tim is offline to bring a new human into the universe, Brian considers the state and value of grinding today. Listen in as one cyborg ponders the nature of human augmentation in today's world.

Episode 039 - Brain Games
Not all augmentations need be electronic or mechanical-- a recent study shows that working memory can be increased in the human brain by 30%. Listen in as two cyborgs chat about games that are intended to expand cognition.

Episode 038 - Professional Cyborgs
Tim and Bryan both consider themselves 'recreational' cyborgs, but there may be a time in the near future where people augment themselves to be more effective in their careers. Listen in as two cyborgs discuss a few that could be considered to be professional cyborgs and what the future could hold.

Episode 037 - Halloween 2017
Boo! Its the second Two Cyborgs Halloween special!

Episode 036 - Rise of the Sexbots
Advances in robotics have touched every area of our lives. Indeed, the field of robotics has revolutionized every science and many industries... but can it replace the world's oldest profession? Two cyborgs chat about this brave new frontier.

Episode 035 - Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains
We've all heard about Bitcoin, but did you know that there are many more digital currencies and that the underlying technology has potential far greater than simply moving money from one place to another? Listen in as two cyborgs discuss this new technology.

Episode 034 - Reactions to Augmented Humans
Two cyborgs have seen a range of responses to thier cyborg exploits ranging from fear to excitement. Join in as they discuss the reactions they've seen from the people around them.

Episode 033 - DefCon25
DefCon is one of the world's largest hacker conventions. Brian was lucky enough to attend in 2017. Listen in as two cyborgs talk about the hacker conference and how biohacking may soon be part of the event.

Episode 032 - Chemical Body Enhancement
Whether its a cup of coffee to start the day or an ibuprofen to get through it, most of us use performance enhancing substances. Two cyborgs talk about the many ways people use chemicals to enhance their physiology.

Episode 031 - Exoskeletons
Two cyborgs love exoskeletons-- a mechanical augmentation that can give your body added strength, durability, and stamina. Listen in as Brian and Tim discuss these relatively new devices.

Episode 030 - NAD Precursors to Fight Aging
Recent research has revealed a primary cause of age related disease and possibly aging itself. Two cyborgs talk about NAD precursors and share the results of their personal experiences with Nicotinamide Mononucleotide.

Episode 029 - Neuralink
Two cyborgs talk about Neuralink-- Elon Musk's new initiative for a brain-computer interface. Will Elon's neural lace be able to bring this concept out of the realm of science fiction to give humanity super-human powers?

Episode 028 - Gender in a Posthuman Society
With recent advances in the medical sciences, gender is becoming increasingly configurable. Two cyborgs discuss potential options that may be available and how this affects a person's identity.

Episode 027 - Posthuman Rights
Brain interfaces are being used in laboratories to control prosthetic devices, record and alter memories, modify mood and more. These interfaces are now making their way into consumer electronic devices but as they do, two cyborgs think it's important to start discussing where the lines of control should be drawn.

Episode 026 - Biological Immortality
In the final episode of our series on life extension, two cyborgs discuss recently introduced approaches to prolonging the lifespan of our “meat machines”. Is it possible to extend life through molecular maintenance and repair?

Episode 025 - Mind Uploading
There has been a lot of progress toward emulating the human brain. Two cyborgs talk about the current state of the science and the challenges it faces and speculate on the challenges and benefits that a digal persona may experience

Episode 024 - Cryonics
Upgrades and augmentations are great, but what does a cyborg do when the meat machine suffers a catastrophic failure? Maybe we don't have to answer this question today because tomorrow will provide more options

Episode 023 - Project Management
Proper planning and execution of your project can help ensure the success of your cyborg conversion. Two Cyborgs discuss some basic concepts of project management at both large and scales to provide a framework for your own cyborg project

Episode 022 - Genetic Engineering
New techniques for genetic engineering have made it possible to directly inject segments of DNA into living cells. Two cyborgs discuss these new techniques and how they may be used for enhancement and to cure disease.

Episode 021 - The End of TC+
Two cyborgs were introduced to each other working for Twin Cities Plus. Now that TC+ is at its end, the cyborgs talk about how our podcast will be changing and where it will go in the future.

Episode 020 - Religion
Many people of faith have strong opinions on the sanctity of the human body. In this episode, two cyborgs discuss their experiences with these perspectives and the ancient texts that may have contributed to them.

Episode 019 - The Technological Singularity
Two Cyborgs talk about how exponential growth in technology is about to change our world in ways we don't yet have the capacity to imagine.

Episode 018 - Failed Projects
There have been great strides in the realm of human augmentation recently, but there have also been plenty of flops. In this episode, two cyborgs talk about failed projects. What went wrong? What could’ve been done to prevent their failure?

Episode 017 - Acetylcholine for Focus and Memory
Acetylcholine is key for attention span and memory. Two cyborgs discuss how to modulate this important neurotransmitter. Listen in as we discuss Tim’s experiences and answer Brian’s questions..

Episode 016 - Sci-Fi Cyborgs
Two cyborgs go deep geek to talk about cyborgs in popular media. Listen in as we discuss our favorite cyborgs in books, television, and movies.

Episode 015 - Cyborg Community
Two cyborgs talk about the biohacking and grinding community. This community includes a diverse group of people of all levels of education and skillsets-- with one goal… to become more than they were built to be.

Episode 014 - RFID for Access
Two cyborgs give you everything you need to get started using NFC and RFID technology to open doors you have never imagined possible. It is now possible to carry your keys inside your body where they’ll never be lost or forgotten!

Episode 013 - Why Enahance?
Two cyborgs answer the the quintessential question : “Why do you do it?” Is it to get the upper hand on our fellow humans or to stand apart from them completely? Tim and Brian talk about their reasons for taking the plunge into recreational cyborgism.

Episode 012 - Arduinos and Microcontrollers
Two cyborgs chat about the most important part of any intelligent system-- the brain. In our electronic augmentations, this role is most often filled by a microcontroller. Listen in as we discuss this key component to any simple electronic device.

Bonus 01 - Halloween and Cosmetic Enhancement
Two cyborgs take a break from the grind to talk about cosmetic enhancements and have a surprise special guest!

Episode 011 - Interfaces - Outputs
Outputs can be a simple beep to a complex series of EM waves to an implanted magnet. Two cyborgs discuss which of these outputs can be used as an input for the human brain.

Episode 010 - Interfaces - Inputs
Two cyborgs discuss the three components of a simple device-- inputs, processor, and outputs-- and how to use these devices to integrate additional senses to the human machine. We talk about our own projects to have a sense of energies not usually perceived by the human body.

Episode 009 - Biocompatible Implant Coatings
The cyborgs talk about safety and dangers of implanting technology in the human body. Different coatings are useful for different implants and they talk about the most popular for DIY implants.

Episode 008 - Trans-Cranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)
DARPA is using tDCS to train soldiers to identify threats in satellite images, but there are many other uses, but thats just developed a way to enhance soldiers' while they're taught new skills. This technology isn't hard to find or harness.

Episode 007 - Nootropics, Neurogenics, Synaptogenics
The human brain is an electrochemical machine, and like any machine or system, it can be hacked. In this episode we talk about chemical modifications that can increase attention span, enhance learning, and increase motivation.

Episode 006 - Additional Senses
We all perceive a sliver of what's going on around us. Mechanical sensors can show us these hidden happenings but what if you could perceive a magnetic field as easily as sensing a warm breeze.

Episode 005 - Wearable Technology
We all have portals to the digital world as our computers and mobile phones. Some technology is so intimate that it clings to our bodies.

Episode 004 - Artificial Intelligence
Is a superintelligent AI on the horizon? Lets find out!

Episode 003 - Terminology and TwinCities+
Brian and Tim detail the terminology around Human Augmentation and discuss TwinCities+

Episode 002 - NFC and RFID Implants
Brian and Tim talk about the NFC and RFID microchip implants they both have.

Episode 001 - Technology and the Human Transformation
In our first episode we define the term "technology" and discuss how technology has influenced human development.