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You have found the home page of the ground-breaking podcast on the topic of human augmentation-- Two Cyborgs and a Microphone.

Cohosts Brian McEvoy and Tim Shank take a proactive approach to conscious evolution by integrating technology into their bodies. Each has several technological implants including microchips for transmitting data to and from computers and mobile devices and biocompatible magnets to serve as a direct interface to custom built electronics.

Listen in to share in the journey as they discuss emerging technology as it applies to human augmentation and evolution.

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Sneak Peek - Episode 53

It may not exactly be a good thing, but it so happens that we live-stream our recording sessions.

In Episode 53, Brian records from his hotel room at Defcon 2018. He shares his experience at the biohack village at the conference and details an issue with an implantation.

This is your opportunity to experience the Two Cyborgs podcast in all its notably droll splendor-- complete with administrative chatter, retakes... and on rare occasion, interesting or fun stuff that doesn't make the cut for the finished podcast.

You can't help but be impressed by our courage in the face of impending embarrassment and ridicule!

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