Live recording published to Youtube - Why enhance and augment?

The "why" of what we do is an important and often asked question. Brian and Tim share their reasons for going to such extreme measures as implanting technology and tinkering with body chemistry.

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The 2xCbMic Blog is Live!

We are excited to announce that Two Cyborgs is now doing a blog! You can share in the excitement of our successes and learn from our failures as we hack our way to new capabilities and greater capacity—all in the name of becoming more than we were built to be. However this turns out, it will certainly be a bit of a spectacle.

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Fresh off the press... Episode 53!

Episode 53 is published to all the popular podcast services including Google Play Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher and others.

With one cyborg recording from his hotel room in Las Vegas, we discuss Brian's time at Defcon including an issue with a preventable implant procedure that brought the paramedics to the conference. Listen in to learn more!

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Live recording published to Youtube - Defcon and Responsibility

Brian rocked the biohack village at Defcon this year. Listen in to hear his experience at the convention and about an issue that occurred with an implant procedure-- an important reminder for all recreational cyborgs.

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You are currently enjoying Two Cyborgs' brand spankin' new website!

Its been a long time in coming, but we finally got caught up with the times. The new site is mobile friendly and feature rich. There are still more additions coming so come back often to check out the amazing new advancements in form-driven website tech!


Live recording published to youtube - Adventures in Weight Loss

As we age and our metabolism changes many people, including two cyborgs struggle with weight loss. There are some interesting new methods that we can take advantage of. Brian and Tim talk about their experiences and results with them.

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